3-D/4-D Ultrasound In Covington, LA

doctor doing an ultrasoundUltrasound technology is used to check the unborn baby’s development, growth and anatomy at various times during the pregnancy. In the Covington, LA area, Dr. Jill Gibson offers the most up-to-date technology available for both traditional 3-D sonograms and live, in-motion 4-D ultrasound images. With this technology, parents are able to see more clearly how the baby will look and observe it in real time.

Health and Development of the Baby

The internal images produced by ultrasound technology provide a clearer picture of how the baby is developing in the womb. If the mother is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and any health concerns are revealed by the scan, in either the baby or the mother, they can be planned for and possibly corrected. In addition, an ultrasound can detect twins or other multiples, so that Dr. Gibson can monitor the pregnancy closely and be prepared for a possible early delivery. The doctor can also determine if a cesarean section is necessary in this case, or if the child is large or in an uncommon position.

Early Bonding with the Child

Another benefit of using ultrasound is that it often creates a sense of connection with the child before it’s born, in both mothers and fathers. The gender reveal is also an important moment for many parents and helps them to visualize their child as an individual who will soon be joining their lives.

Latest Technology Used

Our OB-GYN office has one of the most sophisticated ultrasound machines in Covington, LA. We use 3-D/4-D ultrasound and HD LIVE scans to give parents-to-be the most accurate information on their baby’s health and development.

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