Your Teens First OBGYN Visit

We wish the yearly OBGYN visit was not such a feared event, however, we understand it is. It’s awkward and unpleasant to be in a doctor’s office and have your most private area analyzed by somebody you only get to see once or twice annually. On the flip side, these office visits are essential to your health and wellness – and the creation of routine breast exams as well as pap smears have saved hundreds of thousands of females’ lives. The key to easing or even eliminating all those fears, issues or nervousness surrounding a Gynecological visit is to get off on the right course in the first few appointments.

Your teen’s first OBGYN visit can be gut-wrenching – but it does not have to be. Make her aware that this 1st visit will never entail any type of internal examination (and clarify this with the personnel so your physician knows that too!).

We recommend getting adolescents or even young teenage girls in for an appointment when they are ready to obtain the HPV vaccination. This can be an ideal path in educating, updating and building a solid repour with the patient, which is an essential part of a young female’s reproductive system of health.

What Should Be Expected at Your Teens First Visit to the Gynecologist?

First off, it’s vital that unless there is a particular problem that suggests a pelvic examination is a good idea, it’s preferred to keep this from the first or perhaps second consult with a young girl or teen. This way, young women possess a chance to become familiar with us while we lessen any doubt, listen to them, find solutions to their queries, and so on.

Once they know generally there won’t be a pelvic or even internal examination, young women are much less nervous and much more present. We might, however, ask her to lay on the table so she can understand and get accustomed to what it feels like – and we may also gently feel the exterior of her lower stomach and upper-pelvic area (with clothes on) while explaining what we should feel.

A couple of the things you can expect at your teen’s first visit to the gynecologist office:

Routine physical. In lots of ways, this checkup will feel like a typical physical exam done by a general physician. We are going to take the girl’s temperature as well as blood pressure; we will ask if she’s experienced a period and make notes to keep a record. If the girl hasn’t begun her menstrual cycle yet, we can talk about her entire body as well as the symptoms and indications that she’s on the point of starting a cycle. As stated before, we may additionally do a very general, exterior pelvic examination with her authorization – however, we’ll bypass this if it seems to make her feel uncomfortable.

Information and Education. Together with your permission, we will go over pictures and drawings of the female reproductive system, including the body structure that includes the vaginal area and exterior genitalia. Most of the time, the moms or caregivers realize these girls weren’t exactly sure where the body parts were and the official names of the area. We feel every woman should get to know herself and their body well. Precise information is vital in supporting this to ensure our children are educated and empowered.

Question and Answer. Occasionally, young women stay completely silent at this stage of life and they are simply too humiliated to discuss any questions they may have for us. But if we tend to be patient, open up and start the conversation with more typical questions we asked during our own adolescent as well as other teen girls, we often discover they relax by the first or second visit. A simple smile is a good sign of progress when their questions are discussed by other women that have been in their position.

Discussing sex and contraception. We understand that every family has their own thoughts about what’s suitable and what is not when it comes to teen sex and contraception. We also know that the more educated your child is, the greater the choices she is going to make on her own later in life. Need some assistance with this? Consider books such as these <>. The teen’s first gynecologist appointment could be a great way to open the door to more complicated discussions about questionable topics. We respect your own views and can structure our conversation appropriately – using the understanding that we only reveal factual information.

It’s Normal. Lastly, we want to change your child’s experience with us. There are so many women who come in with “embarrassing questions” or even worry that something in their bodies is wrong, only to discover what they are experiencing is completely normal. We would like your child to know that ladies and their bodies come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. That puberty and the first menstrual cycle are a moving target and 9 times out of 10 are right on track. We want them to know that their own feelings, desires, discharge, smells, hair growth (or lack thereof), nipple form, etc. are just right to them.

The purpose of the first appointment is to get your teen used to what will be a new, routine yearly visit to the OBGYN that prioritizes her well-being and honors her individuality that she brings to the world.

If you are looking for a safe, comfortable and experienced OBGYN for your teen’s first gynecologist visit, then contact Jill Gibson, MD to schedule an appointment.