Total Hysterectomy Procedure
Three Surgeons Conducting Hysterectomy

In order to fully address the needs of women in the Covington, Louisiana area, Jill Gibson, MD, offers a wide range of OB/GYN services, including hysterectomies. Various types of hysterectomies are available, one of which is the total hysterectomy procedure. But when is a hysterectomy procedure necessary and what exactly does this procedure entail?

What is a Total Hysterectomy?

By definition, a hysterectomy is a surgery performed to completely or partially remove the uterus, and a total hysterectomy is but one variant of this surgery. The total hysterectomy procedure involves the removal of the entire uterus, as well as the cervix, as opposed to a supracervical hysterectomy, in which the surgeon performing the procedure would only remove the upper portion of the uterus and leaves the cervix in place.

How Does the Total Hysterectomy Procedure Work?

Patients undergoing any hysterectomy procedure usually follow a similar process. First, you’ll receive a thorough explanation of the procedure and answers to your questions. Next, we’ll administer simple blood and urine tests, along with an enema or the applicable bowel preparations. Plus, you’ll receive an IV, which will deliver the necessary fluids and medication before, during and after the surgery.

Finally, you’ll be placed under general anesthesia while the surgery is performed. The specific surgical procedure chosen will depend on your individual treatment needs, and the uterus may be removed through the abdomen or vagina via an open surgical incision or with a laparoscopic procedure.

Total Hysterectomy Recovery

Patient care extends well beyond the OR. Once your total hysterectomy has been performed, we’ll be sure to thoroughly guide you through the next necessary steps. We’re also happy to address any questions you may have about the effects of a hysterectomy, which can include vaginal discharge and general discomfort in the vicinity of the incision.

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