3D & 4D Ultrasound

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Ultrasound appointments are undoubtedly the most exciting ones during your routine OB appointments. These are the days when you see your baby for the first time in utero. If you’re fairly new into your pregnancy, you’ve only experienced the initial wand ultrasound, but as the months go by, the ultrasounds become more sophisticated and realistic. With 3D ultrasound, you will be able to see your baby’s adorable chubby cheeks and count their fingers and toes. You can even take this a step further with a 4D ultrasound so you can see his or her precious yawns and stretches, providing an experience that will be cherished forever.

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What Is An Ultrasound?

Ultrasound technology uses high-frequency sound waves that travel through soft tissue and fluids, but bounce back an “echo” against more dense surfaces, like your baby. Since ultrasound uses sound to create the image, it’s safe for obstetricians to use during pregnancy. A sonographer will administer the ultrasound by squeezing a cold jelly on your stomach (this helps see a clearer image) and moving the transducer, or wand, over your belly. The computer converts the sound waves to images so that you can see your baby.

Types of Ultrasound

The image you’ll see onscreen depends on the type of ultrasound you’re having. Dr. Jill Gibson, OB/GYN in Covington, Louisiana, offers all of the following ultrasound options. She will determine which one is the best option for each step in your pregnancy. It’s important to remember that while ultrasound is safe for you and baby, it’s ultimately a tool to assess the overall growth, health, and development of you and your baby.

  • 2D Ultrasound is the standard. It is a grainy, black and white, two-dimensional cross-section image that is mostly static. The image doesn’t move. If a Doppler ultrasound is in use, you’ll also be able to hear the heartbeat.
  • 3D Ultrasound is a bit more sophisticated. The pictures are two-dimensional but taken at a variety of angles, and through the magic of technology, woven into a 3D rendering of your baby’s face and body. The image is still, although you can determine some facial features later on in your pregnancy.
  • 4D Ultrasound is the state of the art in ultrasound technology, taking 3D a step further by capturing movement. With a 4D ultrasound, you can basically have a video of your baby in utero, in real-time. See her or him yawn, suck their thumb, or wave at you.

Why are Ultrasounds Important?

Most pregnancies are uneventful. In these cases, two ultrasounds are standard. The first one, typically a 6 or 8-week ultrasound, is at the beginning to confirm the pregnancy and you will be able to hear the heartbeat for the first time. The second-trimester, usually a 20-week ultrasound, assesses fetal measurements, placenta location, cord position, and anatomy if vital organs.

Older moms and those with higher risk pregnancy can expect to have several ultrasounds during your pregnancy. Dr. Jill Gibson may schedule ultrasounds to detect any information for the below. 

  • Confirm pregnancy and estimate due date
  • Ensure the pregnancy is not ectopic (in the Fallopian tube) and is in the uterus
  • Measure baby’s heartbeat, organ development, and overall size of your baby
  • Confirm the number of babies in the uterus
  • Rule out any birth defects or abnormalities
  • Check amniotic fluid levels
  • Confirm baby’s sex

Please note that all of the above reasons for ultrasound are medical purposes. Although sonograms are safe, they are also a medical procedure that should only be administered by a professional sonographer in the presence of trained obstetric nurses, practitioners, and doctors. There are portrait studios in the Covington, LA, area who offer 4D ultrasounds, however, Dr. Gibson strongly discourages her patients, or any pregnant woman, from having a sonogram done anywhere except a licensed medical facility.

When is the best time to get an ultrasound?

When should you expect your ultrasounds? In a normal, uneventful pregnancy, the first is during your first appointment, to confirm the pregnancy, and the second is around 24 weeks. In higher-risk situations (this includes moms over 35), this may be the timetable you can expect for additional sonograms.

First Trimester

  • 6-8 weeks – initial vaginal ultrasound, confirm pregnancy, heartbeat, measure fetus, estimated due date

Second Trimester

  • 18-20 weeks – evaluation of baby’s overall health is the goal for this ultrasound, although in some cases your OB will check for congenital malformations and structural abnormalities.

Third Trimester

  • 35-36 weeks – as the delivery time comes closer, Dr. Gibson wants to observe the placental location, see your baby’s position (is she head down yet) and movements, and identify any uterine abnormalities of yours that might have an impact on delivery. If your baby is reluctant to get in position for the birth canal and a C-section is indicated, this ultrasound helps confirm that need. Between 28 – 32 weeks is a great time to capture your baby’s face in detail with a 4D ultrasound.

As your due date nears, your baby takes up most of the room in your uterus, so it’s hard to get a well-defined picture after 34 or 36 weeks.

4D Ultrasound Technology

Dr. Jill Gibson offers elective 4D ultrasound for women along the North shore and the Covington, LA, area. Her office has a state-of-the-art 3D and 4D ultrasound and HD LIVE machine so that the images of your baby are like you’re watching them on a high-def TV. You will be able to see clear, moving images in real-time, watch for the “Hi, Mom!” wave, as well as the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat.

Many prospective parents find improvement in bonding with their babies when they have these videos from a 4D ultrasound. They’ve become a popular addition to gender-reveal parties and enables you to send to far-away grandparents, friends, and family to share in your pregnancy.

If you’re interested in a 3D ultrasound or 4D ultrasound for your pregnancy reveal, to share with your distant family members, or you just want a cutting-edge pregnancy keepsake, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jill Gibson’s office in Covington, LA.

Actual Images from one of our sessions:

Record Your Baby’s Heartbeat with Heartbeat Bears

Nothing quite warms the heart like placing a stuffed animal in your nursery as you anticipate the birth of your child. Or hearing your child’s heartbeat for the first time during an ultrasound scan. Heartbeat bears makes this more special, as you get to save a recording of the fetal heartbeat. Here’s how these bears work.bear with stethoscope

What it Entails

This nifty device comprises a recordable sound module that allows you to record the sound of your baby’s heartbeat. You may do this during any ultrasound scan or at any prenatal consultation.

You’ll receive it as a fully stuffed toy. We offer a wide selection on stuff animals such as bears, rabbits, puppies, monkeys, lions, elephants, and more. You may also opt for a mini bear.

Whenever you’re feeling nostalgic about the moment you first heard your baby’s heartbeat, simply squeeze the bear. Hugging it is better though.

Other Uses

These are the ideal gift for excited family members, or pregnant friends and gender reveal parties. Perhaps your parents are living abroad and not able to share your pregnancy? Sending them one of these will surely thrill them.

Maintaining Your Bear

Always adhere to any washing instructions on your bear’s label. If you feel that washing is necessary, remove the cartridge before doing so. Machine washing can be a bit harsh on plush toys, so place a pillowcase or a netted laundry bag over your bear before washing. Avoid water that’s too hot. Try to avoid tumble drying, as outdoor drying is best.

Have you been thinking about having a precious keepsake for your baby, or a memorable baby shower gift or gender reveal? If so, contact our caring staff and let them know you want to record your babies heartbeat at your next appointment.

Ultrasound and Heartbeat Bear Package Pricing


Heartbeat Bear ($55 for regular bears, $75 for gender reveal bear with 1 – 2D B/W Image)

  •  recorded 20 second heartbeat of either mother or child
  •  Additional Heartbeat bears during session are $40. (a $15 savings)
  •  Additional gender reveal heartbeat bears with 1 – 2D B/W Image are $45 (a $30 savings)
  • Add $5 per Accessory (add $3 per additional accessory).
  • Add $10 for clothing

Gender Determination Only ($65 / Single add + $30 for twins)

Best between 16-20 weeks gestational age

  •  10 Mins 2D Ultrasound
  •  up to 5 printed 2D Black and White Thermal  Photos
  •  Add $10 for CD of Pictures
  •  Add $45 for each gender reveal heartbeat bear. (a $30 savings).

3D/4D HD LIVE Ultrasound Only ($150 / single. add + $60 for twins)

Best Between 27-34 week gestation age

  • 15 to 20 Mins HD LIVE Session
  • up to 10 printed Black and White Thermal Photos
  •  CD of all Images from Session
  •  Add $40 for a recorded heartbeat bear (a $15 savings).

Package Deal (A savings of $20) – Gender Determination and 3D/4D HD LIVE Ultrasound Only ($190 / single. add + $60 for twins)

Two Separate Scans – one for gender determination and one for 3D/4D HD LIVE Pictures

  • 10 Mins 2D Ultrasound Session for gender Determination around 16-20 Weeks with a 3D/4D Sneek Peek
  • 15 to 20 Mins HD LIVE Ultrasound Session around 27-34 weeks
  • up to 10 printed Black and White Thermal Photos
  •  CD of all Images from Session
  •  Add $40 for a recorded heartbeat bear (a $15 savings).
  •  Add $45 for a recorded gender reveal heartbeat bear (a $30 savings).