Prenatal Testing

woman holding sonogram after  recieving  ultrasound  prenatal  test.

Prenatal testing can help detect any problems that may affect you and your baby. Jill Gibson, MD, offers several types of prenatal testing that may be performed at different points in your pregnancy. While you may not need all of these tests, being informed about what is available can help you make healthcare decisions that are best for you and your family.

Pregnancy Tests: Whether you decide to use a home pregnancy test or have your urine tested in your doctor’s office, urine tests are affordable, are widely available and provide quick, accurate results as early as eight days after conception or one day after a missed period. These types of tests detect a particular hormone (hCG) that is only present in the urine when a woman is pregnant. There are also blood tests that can be performed to determine whether or not you are pregnant.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound provides an image of the fetus and reproductive organs, which allows your obstetrician to determine the approximate delivery date and gender of the fetus. Jill Gibson, MD, offers cutting-edge 3-D/4-D and HD ultrasound technology that allows you to see your baby with stunning visual clarity.

Quad Screen Test: This blood test measures four specific substances: alpha-fetoprotein, chorionic gonadotropin, unconjugated estriol and inhibin A, all of which provide information on the prenatal health of the fetus. These are usually performed between 15-19 weeks of pregnancy.

Nonstress Tests: These noninvasive tests monitor the fetal heart rate and can help your doctor evaluate the health of the placenta and determine whether or not the fetus is receiving the proper oxygen and nutrient levels. These types of tests are typically conducted after 26 weeks of pregnancy.

Amniocentesis: This test involves taking a sample of amniotic fluid and may be performed during the second and third trimesters to rule out a wide variety of birth defects.

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