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Weight Loss Programs: Is A Protein Diet Right For You?

When it comes to weight loss programs, diet and exercise are important. One of the most popular dieting regimens is a protein diet. Knowing what your body needs is vital to reaching your weight loss goals. Understanding Weight Gain People gain weight for a variety of reasons. For women, these reasons can include pregnancy, stress, […]

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

When pregnant, it’s important to consume foods high in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you and your baby require. Just as important is avoiding foods that pose threats to prenatal health. Although most foods and beverages in the U.S. are safe for pregnant women, here are some that should not be consumed. Raw and Undercooked […]

Unveiling The Truth Behind Toxic Shock Syndrome

When you first learned about the menstrual cycle at school, your teacher probably talked about the importance of a wellness exam and how you should avoid tampons because they can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). 35 years after Dr. James Todd’s discovery of the syndrome, the medical community knows more about the condition, yet there […]