Surviving Endless Nausea During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy nauseaNausea during pregnancy is a nightmare for any mother-to-be and is expected, particularly during early pregnancy. However, when your morning sickness has escalated into an all-day affair, you may wonder if there is something wrong.

Constant Or Just Constantly On Your Mind

We are more likely to recall frequently feeling terrible when it is happening on a daily basis. Also, it is important to understand that morning sickness is not constrained to happening only in the morning or even a certain number of times throughout the day. Nausea related to morning sickness is believed to be caused by your pregnancy hormones and is a good sign your pregnancy is going as planned. Triggers can potentially cause repeated instances of nausea throughout the day, so it is worth ruling out these as the reasons for your nausea. Along with certain foods, smells also can set off your nausea, so you may want to be wary of the coworker drowned in perfume and see if your symptoms improve. While not all frequent nausea is cause for concern, there are clear signs as to when you should see your doctor.

When To See Your Doctor

Every woman’s body is different, and there is no hardline rule for when you should grin and bear it or when to see your physician. If you have any worrying symptoms during your pregnancy, consulting your doctor is never the wrong choice. Constant severe nausea during pregnancy can be part of a rare but potentially serious complication called hyperemesis gravidarum. HG is morning sickness on steroids, with nausea and vomiting at such severe levels it begins to threaten your health. The American Pregnancy Association lists the following as distinguishing features:

  • Nausea that does not subside.
  • Nausea accompanied by severe vomiting.
  • Vomiting that causes severe dehydration.
  • Vomiting that does not allow you to keep food down.

Beyond those warning signs, there are other times when you may wish to seek out a doctor’s care. If your nausea during pregnancy is constant enough to make normal daily activities such as housework, hygiene routines, or getting any work done difficult or impossible, then it is definitely time to seek help.

What Are My Options?

Constant nausea during pregnancy is a symptom you shouldn’t have to persevere. Occasionally, relatively simple changes such as temporarily switching to a bland diet or adjusting your routine can give you the relief you need. Do not expect simple fixes to eliminate nausea entirely, but they can cut it down to a reasonable level. In more persistent cases, your OB/GYN may prescribe medication to effectively tackle your nausea. Alternative therapies and home remedies also may be of benefit, but caution is advised. You should be sure your doctor gives you go-ahead before attempting anything out of the ordinary.

With nearly 80 percent of pregnant women experiencing nausea during pregnancy, your OB/GYN has surely dealt with many cases, even the tough ones. He or she can provide answers to your questions and knowledgeable care to get you through the fog of endless queasiness and back to a functioning existence. Looking for an experienced OB/GYN in the Covington, Louisiana, area? Contact Dr. Jill Gibson’s women’s clinic today.

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